Import Assistance

For more information contact:
Rock Nelson, Port Marketing Director
South Dakota Port
Sioux Falls, SD
Phone 605-338-3424 – Fax 605-338-3423

International Trade Data System - Import Advisor

This is an excellent resource provided by US Treasury Department covering:

  • Import Frequently Asked Questions
  • Basic Importing Instructions
  • Import Requirements
  • Import Bonds & Moving Goods in Bond
  • Assessment of Duty
  • Power of Attorney
  • Laws Affecting Importing
  • Quotas
  • and more ...

Importers will find the Tools listed in the site index at the left useful.

Parties involved in the import process may include:

US ITC - US Tariff & Trade Data for a specific product

On this site, a business can enter a keyword or the HTS number and locate the 1998 Tariff and Most Recent Annual US Import Information, including:

  • Imports by source country
  • Imports by tariff program (like NAFTA, GSP, etc)

With this information, an importer buying product A from country A can review where other US companies are buying product A from. If large quantities are being bought from County D, an importer can look up potential new suppliers from Country D in the international directories